Since 2011’s ‘Adrenalin EP‘ Hotflush Recordings owner Paul Rose aka Scuba has most definitely embraced the 80’s, which for someone who built a label on underground dubstep and bass sounds is quite a risky departure, has it worked?

The Adrenalin EP marked a clear change of direction for Paul Roses’s own productions with the ghetto blasting ‘Everywhere’ suggesting that he had switched Berlin for a high waisted and permed version of Beverly Hills. This nostalgic theme continued in his recently released LP ‘Personality‘ with tracks July, Ignition Key and NE1BUTU all dazzling with dayglow intensity. Further cementing this new found retro appreciation Hotflush are preparing to release Jimmy Edgars next LP ‘Majenta’ and their latest single comes from the backward gazing Scottish producer Beaumont.


Often when people choose to analyse established brands they like to offer up cliched pearls of wisdom such as, “if it isnt broken dont fix it”, “stick to what you know” etc etc, however this is dangerous advice in rapidly evolving industries such as music, and therefore for a respected label such as Hotflush its important to be open to new directions whilst remaining true to your core principle, great new music. You only have to listen to latest EP ‘Never Love Me’ and Jimmy Edgar’s new album to know that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to Hotflush Recordings future significance within electronic music.

Released – 23rd April

Never Love Me 8/10
Never Love Me EP 7.5/10