EDM type lead hook, Paper Planes gun shots and M.I.A at her melodic, thoughtful best. If you enjoyed the provocative ‘Borders’, then M.I.A – Finally should hit the spot also.

M.I.A - Finally

Since 2005 M.I.A has been artist whom has frequently dipped in and out of our record box. With tracks such as Bucky Done Gun, Paper Planes (until it got over played), Jimmy, XR2, XXXO and It Takes A Muscle all getting regular spins at BBB parties. Shamefully we have to admit to never having actually seen her live. However despite such an oversight, she has always been artist we have deeply respected for her unique creativity and desire to say something useful. Mathangi Arulpragasam may essentially be considered a pop artist, but unlike her peers she doesn’t waste hers, or our energy with vacuous nonsense. We need more artists like her…

‘Finally’ is out now via her 5th studio album ‘AIM’.

Rating 4.0/5

M.I.A – Finally

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