Batu – SYX [Dub Bass] – Timedance LP

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Batu – SYX – Timedance LP

Batu – SYX is classic percussive Batu on a rendezvous with Dub. Taken from the recently released Timedance LP, which also features Ploy, Bruce, Peter Van Hoesen and the like. 

Batu – SYX is considered the lead track for this LP and as it booms, slices and slams into your consciousness you can see why. There is no ignoring its presence, try playing it at your parents house and see what they say! Put it this way they won’t be wandering past humming ‘Last Christmas you gave me your heart…’ Subtle it isn’t. Yet whilst it’s not subtle it’s also not crude or artless.

A beat to liven things up and turn heads. B B B boom.

Batu – SFX – Timedance LP

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Batu - SYX - Timedance LP