Bristol based Banoffee Pies are rapidly establishing themselves as the go to label if you need to spice up a flagging DJ set. Throwing together flavour combinations that on paper shouldn’t work, but in reality are irresistibly moreish… Dont believe us? Than check Adam Stromstedt’s fantastic Hip-Hop influenced Rent, which we featured earlier in the year.

Admittedly, as we said in our previous feature, there is a predominately bar feel to their output, and therefore if you’re a BANGER based specialist, they may not be the label for you. That said the recently released Black Label 02.1 would appear to be challenging that bar focused perception…

[ New Music ] Banoffee Pies - Black Label

Banoffee Pies – Black Label 02.1 is an EP compiling together four relatively unknown underground music producers. So unknown in fact that not even the Banoffee Pie crew appear to know the identity of the artist behind the lead track – Voodoo Way; which incidentally, alongside Crump – JHE, is our pick from the EP.

Voodoo Way is a stripped back and understated club track that is deep, a little dark and surprisingly catchy. Built around two complimentary, yet contrasting, vocal loops Voodoo Way sublimely compels you to buy this record without hesitation, or regard for what else is on the EP. That said you get more for your £8 than just one track, with Crump – JHE equally worth your investment.

Unlike Voodoo Way there are no vocal samples to grab your attention, instead the writer Crump focuses on stripping things back even further, drawing you in with a well executed, yet subtle, danceable groove. On first listen you immediately know you like the record, but understanding why, as we’re trying to do here, is a little trickier. After repeated listens its clear that the interplay and groove of the various parts is what makes this record so affective and enjoyable.

Banoffee Pies – Black Label 02.1 is a testament to the fact that less can indeed be more. That said, we wouldn’t recommend indiscriminately applying this philosophy across the board, especially with Christmas dinner just around the corner…Bon Appetite.

Banoffee Pies – Black Label 02.1 [ Minimal / Tech-House ]