Our latest recommendation comes via San Francisco’s Avalon Emerson. We featured Avalon earlier in the year with her dynamic ‘The Frontier EP‘ and now 6 months on she is once again showing the men how it’s done with her feisty, Glider Gun, release.

New Music : Avalon Emerson - Glider Gun [ Valence ]

Glider Gun comes as 1 of 4 tracks which make up the ‘Multivalence Volume 1’ EP, and for us it’s the standout moment on what is collectively a very strong release. Opening with what sounds like a Daft Punk ‘Phoenix’ inspired kick, the template is immediately set for a powerful and compelling techno workout. Sharp incisive snare rolls and rapidly filtered kicks instantly power us toward the tracks retro inspired and irresistibly pleasurable filtered synth-line. A synth-line that contorts and pulses throughout, whilst classic inspired techno percussion are all thrown into the fray; creating another impressive entry to Avalon Emerson’s increasingly significant discography.

Various Artists – Multivalence Vol.1 is out now and is well worth purchasing for ‘Glider Gun’ alone, that said, we’d also suggest checking ‘Ambivalent & Matrixxman’s – Junction’, our other pick from the EP.

Avalon Emerson – Glider Gun [Out Now]

Avalon Emerson – Glider Gun [ Multivalence Vol.1 ]