You know when you’re a kid and you refuse to eat anything else but sausages, think girls are ‘ugh – no way‘, or clothes shopping with your parents feels like wearing a hot wooly jumper in 30° degree heat, Yes? (Fill in your own personal examples). Well trying new music is often another similar type scenario – we like what we know and we don’t need or want to be convinced otherwise – thank you very much. Yet inevitably as we get older our once restrictive, and in some cases naive list of likes and dislikes often disintegrates as we find ourselves enjoying things we once vowed never to do. And its this disintegration of self imposed boundaries that also needs to be applied to our often rigid music tastes, otherwise like a small child we will end up missing out. Having said all that, clothes shopping with my parents is unlikely to ever make my list of ‘likes’ – sorry ma!

Hopefully that opening statement has sufficiently coerced you into checking out our latest find ‘Atlas Wynd‘.


Hailing from the North East and presently affiliated to the Brighton based music college ‘BIMM’ the Garage/Rock duo of Peter Chapman (Guitar/Vocals) and Harry Sotnick (Drums) caught us completely by surprise during their recent ‘Together People’ performance. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights we were completely transfixed as they charged towards us with a performance full of vim, vigour and virtuosity. And judging by the rapidly swelling audience, and their increasingly vociferous appreciation, we weren’t the only ones to think so.

Presently Atlas Wynd appear to have released just the one official single ‘Ive Had Enough’ (see link below). Overall we think this solitary single is a good representation of their live sound, with whoever engineered it sufficiently allowing the individual elements to buzz and bleed into one another with a rawness and freedom that is essential for this type of sound. Nothing worse than an overly produced and clinical representation of a band who’s primary draw is their rough edged muscle. And if the inevitable LP manages to retain this focus, then Atlas Wynd are very much a band to keep an eye on.

Atlas Wynd – I’ve Had Enough | Garage/Rock [Click Here To Buy]