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Albrecht La’Brooy – Encounter [Analogue Attic] New Music

Every woken up feeling stressed and angry at the world for no apparent reason. Thats me today, every little noise, dog getting in the way or Apple update that refuses to work, is literally pushing me towards the edge of insanity. All I wanted to do was record a simple video to post to instagram, yet it would appear that is not to be my destiny today. Instead the dog tripped me up, my neighbours are standing directly below my window loudly discussing vegetables, yes vegetables, and every local boy racer appears to have had a birthday over night in which they all received a stupidly large exhaust for their stupidly small automobiles. Thankfully todays new music discovery ‘Albrecht La’Brooy – Eventide’ is helping to steady the heart rate and thwart my overwhelming urge to scream uncontrollable obscenities at the world…

According to the press blurb the concept behind the EP is exploring the themes and sounds of the evening, with each track occupying its own pre-determined time slot, ranging from 10pm to 4am across the four tracks. As the artwork suggests, the music is a reflection of the general flow of human existence and as such the overriding feeling is a hive of ceaseless activity that whilst determined can at times seem utterly futile and without purpose. Yet despite life’s often crushing mundanity and tragedy hope will always co-exist, even in our bleakest and darkest moments it can be found, and here it’s represented by the EP’s standout moment ‘Encounter’.

Encounter is a glorious piano led piece thats predominately uplifting composition and accompanying title suggests that in this instance hope can been found in a meeting of some kind. Whether that encounter is with God or another human is unknown, yet as the track unfolds a gentle yet purposeful kick drum suggests at a change in fortunes as it drives things forward.

For some the above description may seem overly elaborate or schmaltzy, yet for us music is at its greatest when it has something to say, and in this instance ‘Albrecht La’Brooy’ has wonderfully captured a series of moments from his surrounding environment.

Albrecht La’Brooy – Encounter [Analogue Attic] Out Now

If ‘Encounter’ is your type of jam, then we’d also suggest checking Sleep D’s – ‘Technique Mix 056‘, which opens with this very track.

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