Banoffee Pies, now thats a name for a record label, although Im more of a Cheesecake person myself, that said, to use a cheesy based simile, Adam Stromstedt – Rent is exceedingly tasty like…you guessed it, a Banoffee Pie. But what makes it so moorish?

New Music: Adam Stromstedt - Rent [ Banoffee Pies ]

As a label ‘Banoffee Pies’ has been receiving quite a bit of hype recently; although its not a label we have previously featured on BBB. Not because their output doesn’t necessarily justify the hype, but more because as soon as we see something getting hyped our ingrained scepticism kicks in. Why? simple, in our experience anything that suddenly starts receiving a load of hype rarely lives up to the billing, either because the hype is grossly misplaced or the hype places an un-realistic and un-fair expectation on the hype-ee – leaving us the listener disproportionately underwhelmed. So does Banoffee Pie Records get the Mr Kipling ‘exceedingly good’ stamp of approval?

In our opinion it does. That said, the music isn’t always our cup of tea, with the vast majority of it (in our humble opinion) having a bar type feel to it, not that that’s a bad thing, especially when you consider that the labels refreshing philosophy allows each release to have its own musical direction and identity in an industry often overly focused on the bottom line – ‘A platform for music with no signature sound – for the lovers and listeners’. And its this non generic approach to their output that has kept us regularly checking back and finally asking ‘please sir can I have some more’.

There is much to choose from, and if our featured cut ‘Adam Stromstedt’s – Rent’ hooks you like it has us, then we strongly recommend heading over to discogs and digging through their vinyl only back catalogue.

Adam Stromstedt – Rent [ Banoffee Pies ] Out Now