Adam Pits – Element X

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Adam Pits – Element X – YouTube

Element X starts with a thumping stripped back beat that gradually morphs into a simple yet infectiously tight groove. And it’s this simplicity that makes Element X so intriguing. It never over complicates itself, with momentary pockets of celestial synth work sweeping in and out of view as quickly as a passing comet. 

Oddly this record is the third record in as many weeks that we’ve discovered exploring the deep dark recess’s of the cosmos. The other two being Bolam – Suspended Animation & Youandewan – Thyme Capsules. Perhaps with the current plight of the human race we have inadvertently found ourselves musing on our existence and looking to the wider universe for answers… Or maybe during lockdown all three simply watched a load of sci-fi boxsets? Either way we’d recommend checking out out all three EP’s.

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Adam Pits - Element X