We’ve noticed of late, apologies for the upcoming PR cliché, a bit of a trend towards otherworldly textures in the music we’re currently finding. Imagine if you will a road trip playlist curated by the crew of ‘Discovery One’ (Space Odyssey 2001) and you’ll have an idea of what it is we are referring to. Why ‘Discovery One’ well like a cryogenically frozen and forgotten interstellar space traveller, who is suddenly discovered and revived, there is a sense of no time having past, and therefore what was relevant then is relevant now, i.e present day to them is nostalgia to us. The sounds we are finding are both retro and otherworldly in composition.


In particular we would like to draw your attention to Ex-Terrestrial ‘Blue Smoke’ via 1080p and Call Super’s ‘Nervous Sex Traffic’ on Dekmantel records. Two labels incidentally that are enjoying the hottest of hot streaks right now. Blue Smoke is the more reserved of the two records with its combination of breakbeat rhythms, classic rave esque spoken word and almost psychedelic pads flooding the senses with soothing, yet dreamily engaging textures. It’s the sort of record that would sound incredible being spun on some secluded beach whilst the night sky lit proceedings. Nervous Sex Traffic takes a slightly more authoritative and energetic approach, with bongo’s and a more solid house beat driving things, but when that breakdown hits your senses are once again flooded with an exhilarating and stirring array of textures. Enthralling stuff and both highly recommended.

Ex-Terrestrial ‘Blue Smoke’ (1080p) Out Now

Call Super ‘Nervous Sex Traffic’ (Dekmantel) Out Now