It would appear that SebastiAn is actually releasing his debut album, which when you consider his two most seminal moments Ross Ross Ross and Walkman came out in 2006 you would probably have to agree that this is long overdue and perhaps a little late when you consider the Ed Banger sound is not as prevalent as it once was.

Timing is often crucial when it comes to successfully releasing music, for example if you look at the great electronic artists who have stood the test of time they were either perceived as innovators of a particular sound such as Chemical Brothers, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk or they delivered when the time was right eg Prodigy, Justice, Soulwax, and therefore have remained relevant with subsequent releases. In SebastiAn’s defence you could say not everyone becomes a legendary artist (true) however I still believe your debut LP must come when the going is good, look at someone like Fatboy Slim who delivered two great albums during the Big Beat era, had he released ‘Rockafellar Skank’ and ‘Praise You’ and then waited 5 years to release ‘You’ve Come a Long Way Baby’ I don’t think he would be quite the megastar he is now.

Anyway having said all of that SebastiAn was not without talent and therefore I’m intrigued to hear ‘Total’ when it is released May 30th on Ed Banger Records, and considering Justice are just about to drop their second album the timing could be perfect.

Check the new single – Embody

Tracklist – Total
01 Hudson River
02 Love in Motion [ft. Mayer Hawthorne]
03 Tough Games
04 Embody
05 Ross Ross Ross
06 Fried
07 Kindercut
08 Water Games
09 Total
10 Jackwire
11 C.T.F.O [ft. M.I.A]
12 Cartoon
13 Arabest
14 Prime
15 Mean Games
16 Tetra
17 Motor
18 Night
19 Yes
20 Bird Game
21 Doggg
22 Frustra