We’ve pretty much had Munk’s album on repeat here at Blah Blah Blah since it was released last week. So it’s about time we got our review on and told you why we’ve been enjoying it so much.

Stream excerpts of the album on Soundcloud.

Munk is Mathias Modica the multi instrumentalist and co-founder of Gomma records. The Bird And The Beat is his third album and provides a deliciously summery dose of disco influenced dance music. Instead of mining disco for samples, however, he’s created 14 tracks that put something back into the genre.

The Bird And The Beat is, for the mostpart, a joyous melange of melodic 70s sounds lovingly replicated with a modern twist. Centered around pelvis-gyratingly funky bass lines and soft percussion Mathias drops in classic flanged guitars, latin and tropical disco influences and vocals. Over the 14 tracks he has enlisted 10 different girls from 10 different countries to contribute, as well as adding his own voice (like a vocal Hugh Hefner) to the mix. On top of vocal duties and production he has also opted to play every guitar, drum, bass, synth, piano, xlyophone and kitchen sink himself. It’s an impressive feat and creates a real cohesion across the album. Each track is individually enjoyable yet sits smoothly within the record itself.

As much as The Bird And The Beat might owe to disco, its not just a strut across multi coloured dance floors. Here and there Munk slips seamlessly into Chicago House, Hip Hop, Italo and Pop and whilst the majority of the album will have you basking in imaginary sunshine next to your pretend swimming pool there are chillier moments. As might be expected of a Berliner, Munk’s analogue synth lines occasionally drift into the deeper, darker realms of chugging dance music with the sultry, foreign-accented sirens taking on an eery quality. These tangents give the album just enough of a modern edge to keep it fresh and exciting and in DJs’ set lists.

The Bird And The Beat is a thoroughly enjoyable listen both in the headphones and on the speaker stacks. It’s melodic, relaxed and most of all, fun.

01. Can I Have Your Attention?
02. La Musica
03. No Moon (…over Kuala Lumpur)
04. Violent Love
05. Keep My Secret
06. Kitchen Call
07. Mira / Excuse Me
08. Mis Labios
09. Tipsy?
10. Marseille Macheta
11. Rue De Rome
12. So Close
13. A Bored Heart
14. Dort

Written By Matt Allfrey (Battery Powered)

Out now and available from all good music retailers including Ape.

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