Blah Blah Blah

Joe and Will Ask on Kitsune

We have been big fans of Joe and Will Ask? for absolutely ages. In fact they played on our their first ever live gigs at Blah Blah Blah back in the summer of 2007. We always thought they had the potential to go far and it seems that we were quite right. Their latest release “Claymore” has been picked up by Kitsune and is due to be released very soon. The lead title tracks would probably sound more familiar on Boysnoize records with it’s slabs of synths and distorted bassline. Joe and Will Ask’s tracks are usually punctuated with deep basslines that grumble perfectly through on a big soundsystem and this track is no different.

The flipside of the EP is called “Take Me Away”. This is an updated version of one of their first tracks called “Godd” which was the track that first brought the duo to our attention. It’s infectious bassline still sounds as good as when we first heard it and I can imagine a lot of DJs getting behind this one.

Fairmont – Gazebo (Joe and Will Ask? remix)

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