Fake Blood exploded on the scene with the massive track Mars, which will no doubt be part of dance folk lore in years to come. Since then Mr Blood has been smashing out the remixes for the likes of Little Boots, Underworld, Dan Le Sac, Gossip to name a few…..but what we have all been waiting for is his follow up to Mars.

Sensibly Fake Blood has let the dust settle on his enigma and the massive Mars anthem before releasing new material, therefore allowing the new EP to stand on its own rather than being compared to Mars and all the hype surrounding his persona at that time. The EP is better for it as it has its own identity and sound, demonstrating that Fake Blood is evolving and is here to stay.

Fix Your Accent is a jet packed tropical teaser full of samba funk and blooming bass lines alongside playground chants for added disco fun. The Dozens is in your face trademark bloodiness……superb!!!



A1. Fix Your Accent
B1. The Dozens
B2. I Think I Like It

Fake Blood B1 – The Dozens