‘Electronic Artist of the Week’ will become a new regular feature on the blog, with the sole purpose of highlighting what we believe to be some of the best emerging electronic talent. Some of the artists featured you may have heard of, but ultimately every artist featured will be in the early stages of their career. First up is Maxxi Soundsystem.

Maxxi Soundsystem

So to get things started we have decided to look no further than our home town of Brighton, most famously the home of Fatboy Slim. Brighton for many years has produced a wide variety of internationally recognised artists both electronic and otherwise and the talent pool has never been better with the likes of Friction, Beardyman, Burns, Prok & Fitch among others all making waves in their respective genres and now we must add the emerging talent ‘Maxxi Soundsystem’.

Maxxi Soundsystem started life as a Brighton seafront party keeping the town up to the freshest 21st Century disco house and now the the duo Sam Watts and Neal Lewis have taken their message one stage further with their debut release ‘Criticize’. Criticize takes Alexander O’Neal’s 1987 track of the same name strips out the majority of the vocals and replaces them with a pumping main room groove and old skool 808/909 vibe. Although this is only their first official release they have already been played on Annie Mac’s Radio show and have received rave reviews from every quarter, suggesting big things could follow.

Maxxi Soundsystem – Criticize – Out Now (Juno)