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Electronic Artist of the Week #19 – Daniel Avery

Electronic Music has gone through many phases since its popularization by Kraftwerk in the 70’s, however despite this auspicious introduction into popular culture, electronic music has since developed a chequered history of styles and motivations. For every great moment there have been equally as many if not more low points. Artistically this is understandable as not every individual has the same talent as the next, however over the years the proliferation of DJ culture and the commercialisation of music in general has resulted in a wholesale bastardisation of electronic music for commercial gain. This is not to say that we are socialists demanding to take the power back from the man, or that earning money from music is an unforgivable sin, but rather that, all too often the primary force behind a track is short term commercial viability as apposed to musical integrity. Thankfully not every artist thinks in this way, which brings us onto our latest introduction into the ‘Electronic Artist of the Week‘ hall of fame, Daniel Avery, formerly known as Stopmakingme.

Right from the very first moment we met Daniel (2nd ever BBB Party in 2007) we were fairly sure he was destined for bigger things, as his DJ sets already demonstrated an unfathomable depth of musical passion and knowledge. Since then Dan has become a permanent fixture on the London music scene, with residences for Fabric, Bugged Out and Durrr alongside his own recently launched night Movement Club, and in 2009 Dan further channelled his creative instincts by crafting his own distinct beats, gathering wide support from the likes of Erol Alkan, Andrew Weatherall and The 2 Bears among others.

The Daniel Avery sound is primarily underpinned by a 4×4 house beat, however that is were the direct comparison to other present day artists ends. Rather than drawing upon the current trend for bass or disco infused house for inspiration, the Avery sound appears much more far reaching, gathering powerful analogue  buzzes and drones alongside irrepressible grooving bass, whilst melodic hooks loop you into submission. Avery’s flirtation with indie-dance as Stopmakingme remains in spirit, however these sounds no longer define his music but rather ensure a musical platform from which he can create deep, driving and broodingly powerful electronic music.

The Movement EP is out now and the recently announced ‘Need Electric’ EP drops on Phantasy at the end of the month. You can also catch Dan at Fabric June 22nd and Digital, Brighton July 14th as part of Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Take Over shows.

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