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Electronic Artist of the Week #8 – Boddika

Boddika AKA Instra:mental is the 8th in our Electronic Artist series and someone well worth getting excited about. Admittedly Alex Green as Instra:mental has been with us for a good few years, however under his Boddika guise we are talking a matter of months, and like a number of artists of late he has also succumbed to the temptress that is House of the Chicago / Detroit variety.

Alex Green as Instra:mental had a reputation for producing deep Detroit influenced almost minimal Drum & Bass, and the Boddika monica is no different other than these sounds are now built around a predominately House BPM. This may alarm certain Drum & Bass purists, however I would suggest that this should have the opposite effect with stand out moments Soul What, Underground, Electron, Warehouse and Breezin having the potential to appeal to both Boddika and Instra:mental fans alike.

The above mentioned tracks aside, also watch out for his Joy O collaboration Swims.

Boddika – Underground

Boddika – Electron

Boddika – Soul What

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