Not much is known of this mystery figure other than he is a Frenchman described by Turbo as ‘Brodinkelstein’ (read into that what you will) with a penchant for writing driving peak time Electro tinged Techno beasts, the sort of records you would expect to hear Erol and Boys Noize smashing.

Gesaffelstein - New Music

Gesaffelstein first came to our attention via the superb Variations EP, released on Turbo late 2010. The EP takes the Techno template and pumps it full of arpeggiated almost Acid sounding synth hooks which are driven along by rolling techno beats and thumping sub-bass before being stripped back into atmospherically reverbed break downs and body twitching drops. We recommend the whole EP, however if we had to pick; ‘Glass’, ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘A Lost Era’ standout (listen below):

Coming Soon:
Cassius – Les Enfants (Gesaffelstein Remix)
Gesaffelstein – The Voice (Let the Childern Techno)

Turbo 093 | Gesaffelstein – Variations EP

Cassius – Les Enfants – Gesaffelstein Remix preview

Gesaffelstein – State of Things DJ Mix (Nov 2010)

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