Huxley (aka Michael Dodman) looks set to be the new kid on the block when it comes to laying down expertly judged House music. Since early 2011 he has been catching the eye of label heavy weights such as 2020 Vision and Left Room Recordings with a brand of Deep House that carefully treads the fine line between commercial viability and underground credibility. His music clearly draws influence from a variety of genres with elements of garage, rave, and bass all making it into the mix, resulting in a freshness that is all to often missing in a genre that often perpetually repeats itself. With this in mind it should come as no surprise that Huxley is about to slay the House market with his next single ‘Let It Go’ on Hypercolour.

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‘Let It Go’ is quite simply a deep house masterpiece with layer upon layer of emotion fuelled dance floor dynamism. Building from a subtle bongo led drum track the percussion and pads ebb and flow throughout the mix as a Moog style bassline adds groove and energy to the haunting male vocal. There is no doubt that ‘Let it Go’ has all the ingredients to be one of those tracks that can bring real emotion to a peak time dance floor, and understandably has already been hyped as an early contender for House record of the year. Expect big things from Huxley in 2012.

Huxley – Let it Go (Hypercolour) Out Now

Elef – Tales Of 88 (Huxley Remix) Out Now

Huxley and Russo – Reality Check (Leftroom) Out Now

Written by Jonny Cravenwood (Shimstar) & Jonny Cassell (BBB)