George FitzGerald is an interesting and popular artist in the evermore progressing scene labelled by many as “future garage”. He has had a handful of releases over the past few years on Hotflush, Aus Music and his own label Man Make Music, whilst also featuring on a number of compilations and recently recording a Resident Advisor Podcast. His work is certainly on a very modern tip but despite comparisons to the likes of Joy Orbison, Instra:mental, Mount Kimbie and the like he still manages to stand out from the crowd.

His next release ‘Feel Like’ is also coming out on Hotflush, following up last years ‘Let Down’ single, and is perhaps his strongest work to date. Feels Like is based around a classic garage synth hook and a vocal loop that filters in and out of the main mix, combined these two elements make the track instantly memorable and a surefire dancefloor mover. Think Mosca’s – Bax meets Maya Jane Cole’s ‘What they Say’.

George Fitzgerald – Feel Like (HFT019)

George Fitzgerald – Shackled (HFT019)

For those new to George Fitzgerald we recommend checking the tracks, Fernweh, Hearts, Weakness, Reset and Dont You.

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RA.274 George FitzGerald

Written by Kashii & Jonny Cassell (BBB)