Blacksmif is a very convincing future prospect for electronica/bass music. The North London raised producer has created a very unique and exciting sound using elements from genres such as dub, soul and jazz which are welded together to form a new ingredient in the ever growing bass music revolution. Blacksmif has a large catalogue of unsigned music and has been producing track after track of the highest quality, however does he have what it takes to rise above the growing clamour that is British Bass Music?


Yemi Olagbaiye originally started his musical journey at the age of 16 when he began playing the guitar. It wasn’t until Yemi left university that he began Djing and producing drum & bass. Around 2008 he decided to completely change his style and try something a little different which caught the attention of several DJs. His debut release “…And The Sun Rose Out” opens with a lugubrious harp and mournful vocal before a contrasting gritty bass line drops into the mix and provides the main melody for the track, all supported by Blacksmif’s trademark percussion. It’s the sort of track you put on when you get back from partying in the early hours of the am. There is no doubting this guy’s talent as he has already caught the attention of BBC Radio 1’s Goldie Rocks, the Guradian’s blog and ‘Round the Houses’ own, Tim Landslide.

The sound of Blacksmif certainly has a different twist on the bass music revolution. Unlike some of those around him he is not falling into the trap of following the herd and serving up watered down copy’s with tried and tested sounds, rather he is finding his own path. It is our opinion that once the right people find out about him he will become a much more recognisable figure in electronic music!

Blacksmif – …And The Sun Rose Out (Out Now)

Paper Tiger – Illuminated (Blacksmif Re-Lick)