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Electronic Artist of the Week #10 – Waifs & Strays

Waif & Strays are another Bristolian DJ/Production outfit that look set to make waves in the ever evolving House market. It is clear from their music that they have a deep knowledge and passion for those early 90’s records that birthed dance culture, and like Julio Bashmore before them they have taken that sound and freshened it up for a present day audience. However as the hype continues to build and build does the emergence of the Waifs & Strays and other such artists suggest we are on the brink of House saturation and the all too common genre back lash.

Amos Nelson and Rich Beanland had both been producing for a number of years before a chance meeting at a Bristol afterparty bought their divergent styles together. Their first release ‘3am’ was snapped up by Leftroom Records and received plays from a number of key players. However it was their 2011 track ‘Yeah Yeah’ that firmly established their credentials as future House protagonists, with the track becoming Pete Tong’s ‘Essential New Tune’. Since then Amos & Rich have gone onto release on Bristols own ‘Futureboogie Records‘ and have an upcoming release on Jamie JonesHot Creations‘ imprint, Body Shiver.

The Waifs & Strays sound maybe undeniably House however they havent simply jumped on the potentially fraught band wagon and dug out a load of 808/909 samples and Chicago House piano’s. Rather they have taken the groove and danceability of those early records and applied the principles to their own choice of sounds. This type of writing not only gives an artist more longevity but it also protects a genre from becoming yesterday’s news. All too often the sounds that spark a movement become the very same sounds that kill it.

Waifs & Strays – Be Patient

Waifs and Strays – Yeah Yeah (Original Mix)

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