Electronic Artist of the Week #27 – Earth Trax

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Electronic Artist of the Week #27 – Earth Trax. In the past we have predicted Palms Trax, Disclosure, Midland, Daniel Avery, Dusky, Tourist, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Christine and the Queens prior to them all exploding into untold success. I wouldn’t say we are quite the John Peel of the electronic generation, ha ha, far from it. Furthermore it’s fair to say we featured a few other performers who didn’t quite make it. However what all these recommendations have in common, at the time of posting, is some cracking music and Earth Trax is no different.

We first came across the Polish based producer with his ‘Truth EP’ on Phonica Records. In particular it was the ‘Back Alley Remix’ that caught our ears. Pulsing analog kick, old skool vocal stab vibes and a bassline that is a hand in the air foot stomping killer. We then discovered his grooving House music monster ‘Bailando’ – 2 million plays and counting. Then came LP 1 which opens with the sublime and heart felt ‘Im Not Afraid’. Possibly one of our most spun tracks of 2020 and that’s not to mention the rest of the LP that pulses, squelches with acid, punches hard, breaks down and builds up with unbridled passion and instinct for the dancefloor. Old skool in foundation present day in execution.

And finally if that wasn’t enough to convince you that ‘Earth Trax’ is one to watch, we just got an advanced copy of his second LP: Earth Trax – LP2 (Shall Not Fade) due November 27th. Ooooooo baby, watch out for ‘The Complete Trance Induction’…

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Electronic Artist Of The Week #27 - Earth Trax