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WATCH: Daft Punk Documentary – Unchained

Daft Punk - Unchained Documentary

WATCH: Daft Punk Documentary – Unchained

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Daft Punk – Unchained – Trailer

Daft Punk – Unchained documentary is finally coming to the UK this month and having seen it in September of last year, at its one night only UK premiere, we can confirm, even for the most jaded of Daft Punk observers, that its well worth watching. We would even go as far to say that if the underground, techno and places like Berlin are more your cup of tea, dont discount this documentary out of hand as the early years of Daft Punk were very much underground and cutting edge with techno sited as a fundamental inspiration behind their first record ‘Homework’. Furthermore despite the odd ham fisted interview and Disney references we found this film throughly engaging and creatively inspiring. If nothing else its an interesting watch for what seems like a thinly veiled swipe at Pharrell’s pompous grandstanding?

[Update: 22.02.21] Daft Punk have officially announced they have gone their separate ways after 28 years together. We did a little digging and found a FREE stream to their 2015 documentary ‘Unchained’. Hit link below…

Watch Now Here: Daft Punk – Unchained


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