Wata Igarashi – The Reel [BBB Recommends]

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June 4th

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“Wata Igarashi – The Reel taken from the recently released Sekala EP is the finest of deep techno. Having previously released on Midgar and Bunker NY, Igarashi is rapidly becoming Japans go to Techno DJ & sound designer”…

Wata Igarashi – The Reel

It is fair to say that techno is rarely our go to genre, when it comes to electronic music. All to often its industrial, cold and generally gloomy outlook is a little too depressing for our tastes. A sound that often feels like a story that has great initial promise, but no ending to speak of. That said, every once in a while we catch a glimpse of techno’s enduring attraction, and on this occasion it has been provided by Wata Igarashi – The Reel.

Hailing from Japan ‘Igarashi’ is a sound designer by day and an electronic music producer by night. A duality that enables him to explore electronic music in a way few other producers can. Yet despite all his pioneering exploration, he never gets lost. Deftly finding his way back to the dance floor, each time, with a story to tell. And in this instance the story is perilous, curious and tense.

Wata Igarashi – The Reel [Sekala EP]