Unknown Artist – EEE010 – EEE

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Unknown Artist – EEE010 – EEE: Peggy Lee’s ‘You Give Me Fever’ gets a shuffling dance music rework which is surprisingly satisfying.

Typically we’re not fans of this unknown artist thing, kinda been done to death. But equally Im sure if these unknown artists knew us they’d find something we do that’s not their thing. So with that overshare out the way it is fare to say that of all the unknown artist bootlegs we’ve heard in recent years this boots the competition squarely into touch. Now of course the vocal is legendary and needs little introduction or help sounding great. However the additional production added beneath is nicely judged and satisfying complimentary.

A shuffling groove, garage like bass and pulsing house beat give you a surefire dance floor stomper.

Unknown Artist – EEE010 – EEE

Listen and pre-order now via: Phonica Records.

We suggest getting on this quick as it’s very unlikely to get a digital release or vinyl repress.

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Unknown Artist- EEE010 - EEE

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