UMFANG b2b Volvox Mixtape – Dekmantel [BBB Recommends]

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UMFANG b2b Volvox Mixtape – Dekmantel 

UMFANG b2b Volvox Mixtape via Dekmantel is our latest BBB Recommends. Why? Because its two DJs shaking down those play it safe type sets. There’s no convention here, at least not from our perspective. The mix is light, dark, uplifting, industrial and brave. 

Principally you could argue its a  techno mixtape, however there’s plenty of nuance to keep even the most ardent non-techno fan curious. Furthermore that sense of curiosity is so well executed that we remained engaged throughout, despite not knowing half the records being spun. Thats not to say the mix is perfect, there are a few missteps, as you’d expect from a b2b, however don’t let these brief moments colour your judgement. This mix slams!

Imagine the cast of ‘Stranger Things’ hitting 18 and going clubbing…


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UMFANG - Mixtape Boiler Room [Dekmantel]