Tour Maubourg – Ode to Love [BBB Recommends]

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Tour Maubourg РOde to Love 

Tour Maubourg – Ode to Love is the latest record to enter our ‘BBB Recommends’ series. A record for those more chilled and sophisticated moments…

The room is dimly lit, a jazz trio in the corner shuffle through various grooves whilst patrons sit spellbound, a barman ducks through the low door way to furtively serve another drink. Its not prohibition, it’s 2020 but the vibe is somewhat cautious, as though one careless move could¬†puncture the whole moment’…

In less flowery language ‘Ode to Love’ is deep, jazzy and gloriously smooth.

Tour Maubourg – Ode to Love [Spotify]

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Tour Maubourg - Ode to Love