Sansibar – Game Over [BBB Recommends]

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March 7th 

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Sansibar – Game Over – 90s Rave

Sansibar – Game Over is pure 90s rave indulgence, yet with enough individual panache to make it well worth your attention. Like Logic1000 with ‘DJ Logic Please Forgive Me’ the classic 90’s Korg M1 sound is in full effect. No scrimping, just pure Korg M1. However to stop there would be doing both artists a disservice.

Sansibar as Logic1000 did before him takes that classic sound and moulds a track that keeps your attention throughout. No vocals here but enough analog stabs, swirling pads, and kinetic drums to drive things toward a satisfying conclusion.

For fans of Earth Trax, Logic1000 and the like this EP is a must listen. I’d even suggest Skee Mask fans would get something from the deeper cuts ‘S1 Type Beat & Sissi.

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Sansibar - Game Over - 90s Rave