Lone & Kettama EP [R&S Records] Rave Alert…

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03. 08.20

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Lone – Dragonrush [R&S Records] – Rave Alert

Lone & Kettama combine on the ‘Order To Dance EP’ – R&S Records, the perfect label to release 2020 rave music. Plus who else could get two such rave heads together, one on the more downtempo angle and the other very much in your face. That said the heavy weight collaboration ‘The Way You Feel’ is not the standout moment in our opinion, rather the solo ‘Dragonrush’ by Lone is our pick. 

Dragonrush has all the elements you want from a Rave record, breakbeats, 90’s sounding vocal stabs, a pseudo analog hook, ENERGY and most importantly a trippy blissed out breakdown. Whistles at the ready, hands in the air…

Lone – Dragonrush [R&S Records] – Rave Alert

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Lone & Kettema - R&S Records - Dragonrush