Laurent Garnier – Boiler Room [Lyon] BBB Recommends

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Laurent Garnier – Boiler Room Mixtape [BBB Recommends]

Laurent Garnier – Boiler Room mixtape is virtually flawless in our opinion. Seamless mixing, slick track selection and evolving energy keep you engaged from start to finish.  All of which for many listeners is perceived as a given amongst the DJ elite. However the reality often doesn’t match the perception, these basics, all to often, get lost in celebrity and hype. How do I know this – because when everyone is on their phones, chatting and not really dancing it’s because the DJ is not working the crowd as they should be. Therefore take note, the quality of this mix represents what a truly legit DJ should be bringing to the floor.

Laurent Garnier – Boiler Room Mixtape

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Laurent Garnier - Boiler Room [Lyon]