Interplanetary Criminal – Supreme Level [UKG Rave]

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Interplanetary Criminal – Supreme Level [UKG Rave]

Interplanetary Criminal – Supreme Being is best described as big room UKG Rave with enough class for the underground – as you’d expect from a ‘Shall Not Fade’ release. Other than that, there’s not much to tell apart from the word ‘Manchester’, which we found in his RA biography.

Our pick from the EP ‘ Supreme Level is unabashed UKG & Rave troupes. No messing about, straight up main room banger. That said don’t dismiss it as just another record knocking off the past. Whilst it may not be futuristic beat noodling with an un-mixable intro its abandon to what makes people dance is refreshing. More please…

Note: If a vinyl copy is what you crave, Im afraid you’re already at the mercy of the Discogs Vinyl Touts. 

Interplanetary Criminal – Supreme Level [Shall Not Fade]

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Interplanetary Criminal - Supreme Level - UKG

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