Honey Dijon Boiler Room [BBB Recommends]


Honey Dijon Boiler Room – DJ Masterclass

Honey Dijon’s Boiler Room mix at Sugar Mountain 2018 is a prime example of how to engage and rock a crowd. Right from the off Honey Dijon has you gripped with the unstoppable Steve Wonder record ‘I Wish’ and within 1.36 she has the crowd fully rocking when the rousing house beat of Harry Romero & Erick Morillo’s – Bang tune, literally bangs (pun intended) into the mix. Fabulous, like Honey herself.

This mix is the perfect hype set before a night out with 5 friends. It is also a great example to all aspiring young DJs out there of how to be a great DJ – energy, awareness of the crowd, and knowing your music. When all these factors combine a DJ truly transcends the sum of their parts.

Great mix, cant recommend it strongly enough and if you’re new to Honey Dijon – go seek her out when lockdown is lifted.





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