Earth Trax – Im Not Afraid ‘LP1’ [BBB Recommends]

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Earth Trax – Im Not Afraid ‘LP1’ [BBB Recommends]

‘Earth Trax – Im Not Afraid’ – taken from LP1, is for those of you who like high energy Old Skool beats, lush pads and emotive vocals. ‘Im Not Afraid’ is like ‘Objekt – Theme For Q’ mixed with a less depressed ‘Burial’. Emotive, deep, and kinetic.

We first came across Polands ‘Earth Trax’ via his ‘Truth EP‘ and again when Job Jobse dropped ‘Bailando’ in his recent Boiler Room Lockdown mix. Together these records prompted us to dig deeper and to our delight we found LP1 waiting for us.

If you don’t know Earth Trax by now its time you did. LP1 and the two other records we mentioned are well worth sticking in your record box. One to watch in our opinion. 

Earth Trax – Im Not Afraid ‘LP1’ [Shall Not Fade]

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Earth Trax - Im Not Afraid - LP1