For those of you who are intimately connected to the underground dance scene will have no doubt noticed the name Denis Sulta becoming increasingly more visible in recent times. And perhaps you have even come across, Denis Sulta Nein Fortiate, via a recent Bicep mixtape. Hailing from the richly blessed Glasgow music scene, the home of the legendary Arches nightclub, renowned distributor Rubadub and of course Jackmaster and his Numbers imprint, Denis Sulta, or as his mother would call him when in trouble HECTOR BARBOUR, has slowly but most assuredly carved out a place for himself amongst the Glaswegian elite. There has been no slick PR campaign or social media exploitation so how is it that a relatively unknown DJ/Producer had Skream recommending him to play Room 2 at Fabric in 2015?

Denis Sulta Nein Fortiate | New Music

Denis Sulta‘s rise to prominence is the classic story of bedroom DJ come good. Its a story we particularly relate to as it is very similar to own in that he started out as DJ who put on parties to get gigs, then got a job within the industry to fund his passion further and then as naturally as a Scot eating a deep fried Mars bar started producing music, or in our case launched a record label.

We find Hector’s incremental rise to prominence truly inspiring as it represents an individual who has allowed his passions to guide his path. You only have to see his recent gratitude towards FACT Mag for allowing him to add to their illustrious mix series to know that this is an individual who sincerely believes in the music he is writing and playing. This may all seem overly philosophical and gushing but when something is genuinely your passion it is reflected in everything you do and present to others. Interestingly we read recently that to determine what you true passion is, you need to ask yourself one question; whether you would do it for free and without recognition. Our guess is that Hector would DJ & write music regardless of his recent rise to notoriety.

Fast forward to 2016 and his recent FACT Mix and it would appear that Denis Sulta is set to have an even bigger 2016, especially if the inspiration for this post ‘Nein Fortiate’ eventually gets an official release. Nein Fortiate first rose to our attention via Bicep’s cracking 2015 closing mix ‘Synthol Hit‘ which also featured their now gargantuan Higher Level remix. Denis Sulta’s tune directly preceded this remix and although initially dwarfed by its successor it should not be overlooked as an inferior record. In actual fact ‘Nein Fortiate’ was so perfectly sequenced by the Bicep boys that it elevated Higher Level…to well a higher level! We should also add that both these records have particular significance to us as they soundtracked our sponsored run across the Sahara Desert earlier this year; last time we mention that, promise?

Denis Sulta Nein Fortiate’s sublime yet simply filtered and automated synth line is instantly memorable and hypnotic, it sounded incredible for us whilst running the night stage in the Sahara, and if it can sound good in a totally desolate and uninhabited wilderness we’re quietly confident that on a booming soundsystem it will have the hairs on your neck bristling with anticipation…

Denis Sulta – Nein Fortiate (Release Date Unknown)