Forget Berlin, LA, London, Bristol even Donald Trump it would appear that actually Glasgow Scotland is the centre of the Universe. At least for now anyway…


Last month we featured Denis Sulta with his record ‘Nein Fortiate’ and here we are again travelling back to the Highlands with his exclusive Jackmaster DJ Kicks kicker ‘My Soul Needs Justice’ or MSNJ. Like ‘Nein Fortiate‘ Sulta once again combines underground credibility with another irresistible hook, in this case a 90’s sounding Moby esq vocal loop replaces the analog wizardry of ‘Nein Fortiate’, and like a playful 90’s Moby it’s sure to have HUGE crossover appeal.

There is presently a great deal of hype surrounding the emerging Denis Sulta and at times hype can be very damaging to an artists longevity and career progression. However in the case of Sulta it would appear that despite what must be a mounting pile of remix, interview and DJ requests the hype has not distracted him from his primary focus and passion, writing music. As a result the music just keeps on coming and with each new record his legacy and longevity is looking increasingly assured.

Catch Denis Sulta at Patterns in our home town Brighton, UK, June 18th for Vanishing Point’s 1st Birthday [Tickets Here]. Accompanying him behind the decks that night will be his fellow Glaswegians and label buddies ‘Dixon Avenue Basement Jams‘, who in the coming days will also be talking to us about record labels, the state of the music industry, and resurrecting musical history, among other things…and if that wasnt enough we’ll also be searching our family tree for Scottish ancestry whilst reviewing Jackmaster’s imminent DJ-Kicks mix.

Denis Sulta – MSNJ (Jackmaster DJ-Kicks Exclusive)