David August Mixtape – Boiler Room [BBB Recommends]

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David August Mixtape – Boiler Room 2014

David Augusts Mixtape from Boiler Room 2014 is another of those rare moments where a DJ / LIVE performer has the bravery to take their time. Why is it brave – well have you ever stood in front of a crowd of people and played ambient beats for 5 mins… Another such instance we can recall was when Daphne aka Caribou played our 6th Birthday in Brighton. To say he had us worried in the first 15 minutes was an understatement. So much so we started to worry people might actually start leaving, needless to say our worries were unfounded, the ensuing set was built to perfection. Much like this mix…

The mix exquisitely blends ambiance, melody and beat to create a blissed out vibe that meticulously morphs between urgency and restraint. Think 3am desert festival in the middle of nowhere.

Those of you who know David August will know this mix well, for those that dont you’re in for a treat.

David August Mixtape – Boiler Room 2014

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David August - Mixtape Boiler Room