Route 8 – Rewind The Days of Youth – Lobster Theremin

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Route 8 – Rewind The Days of Youth

Route 8 – ‘Rewind The Days of Youth’ elegantly moves through glitched IDM, bass-heavy minimal and emotional deep vocal house. It never misses a beat and is gloriously satisfying.

By all accounts we’re fortunate even to be getting our ears on this LP with the original version being lost when the producer’s laptop was stolen in Detroit. A location we understand had a significant influence on the record’s conception and sound. Thankfully the Budapest based producer, like it’s city of inspiration, was not about to admit defeat, despite the unwelcome odds.

‘Rewind The Days of Youth’ is a slick fully coherent record that has a clear journey from A ‘Departure’ to B ‘This Far’. An electronic LP that truly benefits from the listener patiently sitting in, resisting cherry pick playlisting, and allowing the 9 tracks their opportunity to draw them in. A brave move in today’s gone in 60 seconds culture.

‘Departure’ kicks the record off with a smooth beat-less intro, sweeping pads signifying this is where the journey begins. You can almost picture vast vista’s and open roads as the pads filter in and out of view. Almost the ideal opening for what is to come. We say almost, and this is our only gripe with the LP, the silence allowed between ‘Departure’ ending and the beat of ‘Rewind The Days of Youth’ starting somewhat undermines that initial sense of anticipation. Perhaps the beat could have been gradually filtered in to maintain the flow. That said you’ll quickly forgot this critique as the ‘Rewind The Days Of Youth’ bassline hooks you in for the whole journey. Sublime.

From here the aptly titled ‘Bound Together’ had us winding down the windows, closing our eyes and allowing the late summer open road heat wash over us – metaphorically speaking. We’re not going anywhere, we’re simply soaking up the moment, the destination no longer important – ever driven the long-way home because you didn’t want the music or the journey to end? This record has that affect. ‘Bound Together’ hooks you with its house music vibe whilst its successor tightens the grip with its 90s rave, acid house and progressive house nods – complete with Papa New Guinea bassline.

INTERLUDE. Literally. A dystopian like 2049 LA sound segues us nicely into the records dusky, urban more twilight second half.

From here it’s as though the open road has merged into a sprawling cityscape. Night is falling as the beats and synths take on more of a melancholy almost wistful city ambiance. Quails voice on ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’ underpins this feeling with its broken relationship musings and resigned feel. Arrival takes this apparent loneliness and transposes into a closing statement of acquiescence to the past, yet despite this acceptance there is a strain of hope for the future. A hope that LP closer ‘This Far’ grabs with both hands.

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Route 8 – Rewind The Days of Youth – Lobster Theremin

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Route 8 - Rewind The Days Of Youth Review