In March of this year Bwana emphatically established himself as a producer of considerable value when he unleashed his [free] 9 track rework of the soundtrack, to what is apparently an iconic 1988 Anime film, going by the name of ‘Akira’.

Admittedly at BBB we know very little about the Anime genre, and therefore its alleged iconic status had little to no bearing on our opinion of the record. Which in all honesty is the ideal method in which to approach all new music discoveries – free from preconceived notions and opinions. And it was with this freedom from constraint that we discovered, as FACT Mag succinctly stated “one of the most straight up enjoyable albums of club music for ages”.


Well 6 months on from its original release Bwana’s ‘The Capsule’s Pride’ is back in the spotlight once again, with an eagerly craved and much deserved vinyl repress, a repress that had us scrambling for our credit card within moments of learning the news. If however, despite our glowing endorsement, you’re still thinking – ‘I’d rather just check the latest ‘UNILAD’ post’, then we would earnestly encourage you to resist watching the dog on a skateboard who thinks he’s a Panda and instead take a quick read of’s seductively visual review below…

“With its rain on concrete ambience soaking through the traditional Japanese instrumentation and glimmering synth lines, Bwana’s created an album that is both startingly fresh whilst having a timelessness that slots in nicely with the original films grim view of a future unknown. If you are an avid manga fan who’s rinsed the film and are looking for a new fix, a home listening head wanting some electronic escapism or a DJ on the prowl for some science fiction techno to drop mid-set that’s gonna blow some minds while creating a vast entourage of people rushing to the decks asking where they recognise the speech samples from then you can’t do much worse than give this a spin. The Capsule’s Pride is a captivating listen that we can’t begin to recommend highly enough.” [ 2016]

Bwana – The Capsule’s Pride [Buy Now]