Lone returns with his 6th LP ‘Levitate’ two years after his critically acclaimed ‘Reality Testing’ and its universally adored ‘Airglow Fires’. As before the imperious R&S Records will be putting the record out with a slated May 27th release date. So what to expect?


Truth be told its been a little while since we hit play on our copy of ‘Reality Testing’, so it was with considerable curiosity that we dug it out and gave it a spin. Often times electronic music has a similarly unforgiving ageing process as when you pass from your late 20’s into your 30’s. However unlike a highly moisturised middle aged mortal it would appear that Reality Testing has aged with considerable grace. The progressive and enterprising facade presented to us in 2014 show’s no signs of cracking or being in need of a dramatic touch up. Its sounds as good now as it did then. So the question has to be can Levitate live up to ‘Reality Testing’s’ legacy?

Having personally never released a critically adored LP and then attempted to follow it up I can only imagine at the potentially crippling weight of personal and external expectation. Judging by the press blurb we received it would appear Lone, aka Matt Cuttler, most certainly felt this burden, explaining that for 6 months post ‘Reality Testing’ his inspiration was drier than an African river bed in the dry season. It wasnt until an enforced break in New York and then visiting friends in LA that the ideas began to flow again, and as result Levitate began to conceptually take shape.

Levitate is unmistakably Lone with his typically dense sonic palette colouring each track with a bewildering array of rhythm, texture and form. Yet despite the comfort of familiarity the record takes an unexpected frenetic twist. Clocking in at a rapid 34 minutes and comprising of just 9 tracks, of which 4 are underpinned by high octane jungle and rave beats, you get the feeling that the ideas had always been there, but somehow like a damned river they had become trapped, and as the pressure began to build and build there was only ever likely to be one outcome, a torrent, as they eventually broke forth. However like a river free from its captor that initial torrent eventually eases in ferocity and by LP closer Hiraeth you are left with a sense breathless tranquility.

Overall we believe Lone has delivered what is likely to be yet another enduring record of supreme craftsmanship. Some Airglow fans may initially skip the more frenetic Alpha Wheel, Backtail Was Heavy and Triple Helix, but for us these are welcome additions to the Lone portfolio, making Levitate required listening.

Lone – Vapour Trail (R&S Records)

Track List
01 Alpha Wheel
02 Backtail Was Heavy
03 The Morning Birds
04 Vapour Trail
05 Triple Helix
06 Breeze Out
07 Sleepwalkers
08 Sea Of Tranquility
09 Hiraeth