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Erol Alkan – Another Bugged Out / Bugged In Mix

Its almost unbelievable to think that Erol Alkans seminal ‘Bugged Out / Bugged In mix‘ was released over 7 years ago in April 2005. At the time it was a defining moment in a vibrant fit to burst electro scene that he himself had helped champion. Without labouring an overstated point, that scene has long since scuttled back into the shadows, however Erol has remained ever present, partly due to his figure head status but mainly due to his insatiable quest for new music. While its fair to say that Erol is not quite the influencing force of years past, he still very much knows hows to keep people dancing, or as the saying goes “Erol Keeps Kids Dancing”.

Erol’s original 2005 mix still stands up today and is one of the few DJ mixes that has survived the sands of time and therefore the announcement that he is releasing a 2012 mix certainly has us fevered with anticipation. “Another Bugged Out Mix / Bugged In Selection” is scheduled to drop Sept 4th via !K7 Records, and its worth noting that both mixes were recorded live, no computer wizadry. In his own words….“I didn’t want to detract from capturing that moment. That’s where – for me – the electricity lies: in the moment, not crafting something that’s perfect on a computer.”

CD1: Bugged Out

01. Smith n Hack – To Our Disco Friends
02. Ron Hardy – Sensation (Obi Blanch edit)
03. In Flagranti -Gridlock
04. Seaside Houz Boyz -From A Man’s Journal
05. Umba -Concussion
06. Jimmy Edgar – This One’s For The Children
07. Model 500 – No UFO’s (D-Mix)
08. Unovidual & Tara Cross – Comme Je Suis (Based in the Sling & Samo mix)
09. Agoria feat. Carl Craig & La Scalars – Speechless (Gesaffelstein Remix)
10. T.S.O.S. – Over And Over
11. Scuba – Never
12. Secondo – Discombabulate
13. Amin Peck – Girls On Me
14. N.Y. House’n Authority – Ravenswood House
15. Jared Wilson – Let Your Body Make Your Body
16. Factory Floor – Two Different Ways
17. Children Of The Night – It’s A Trip (Mike Hitman Wilson’s Mix)
18. Gingy & Bordello – Body Acid (KiNK’s on Acid Remix)
19. Spandex – The Bull (Erol Alkan Rework)
20. Kölsch – Opa
21. Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love (Erol Alkan Rework Version 2)

CD2: Bugged In

01. Jan Hammer Group – Don’t You Know
02. Matthew Herbert – Leipzig
03. Bibio – All The Flowers
04. Michael Head – Queen Matilda
05. Adjagas – Mun Ja Mun (Instrumental)
06. Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Miss Trudy
07. Mickey Moonlight – We’ll Meet Again (Bugged In Mix)
08. The Make Up – I Am Pentagon
09. Dibidim – Badminton Bay
10. The Space Lady – Major Tom (Coming Home)
11. Jai Paul – Jasmine [Demo]
12. Margot – Voci Giaga
13. Chromatics – A Matter Of Time
14. Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant
15. Robert Wyatt – At Last I Am Free
16. Walls – Gaberdine (Nathan Fake Ambient Version)
17. Buffalo Springfield – Expecting To Fly
18. Plush – Soaring and Boring


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