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Boys Noize – Power

Boys Noize is back with his long awaited second album entitled POWER. It’s release October 5th will show how far Alex Ridha has come as a producer since “Oi Oi Oi”. Though his signature sound is still present the approach is more experimental and versatile. This is a new kind of techno that encompasses elements of both rave and minimal but also the kind of inspired beats that would make hip hop producers drool. Power” is precision tooled techno from an artist at the top of his game.


The POWER launch party, presented by Bugged Out, takes place at London’s Fire on September 26th.

Boys Noize – Jeffer (Preview)

Track List

1. Gax
2. Kontact Me
3. Starter
4. Jeffer
5. Transmission
6. Nerve
7. Trooper
8. Sweet Light
9. Drummer
10. Rozz Box
11. Nott
12. Heart Attack

Album out October 5th 2009

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