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Slightly provocative statement in that writing music is not all about who’s listening; that said, if your dream is to DJ or play live, you will need to reach out and start spreading the word. A prospect that can be pretty daunting, particularly when the no’s start rolling in – we’ve been there. However, rejection is par for the course, and whilst disappointing, you’ve got to flip that energy and make it work for you. But where do you start? We could say BBB Selects, but in truth, you need to start by reaching out as far and as wide as possible. Don’t pin all your hopes on that one huge YouTube channel or playlist; instead, include multiple options like BBB Selects as part of your overall strategy.

BBB Selects is a platform that champions new and emerging electronic music through our YouTube channel, Spotify Playlists and social media channels. We pride ourselves on our inclusivity, covering all genres of Electronic Music, and our curation is handled by the BBB team.

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