The answer to this question is a tricky one as these days there is a huge opportunity to self release. In particular, self-releasing gives you complete copyright control, all potential revenue is yours and your creativity is not dependent on a higher power’s opinion. However there are some downsides you may want to consider…

Whilst self-releasing is great for all the reasons listed above there are three key disadvantages, or, if you will, advantages to signing with a label – admin load, marketing and strategy.

Admin – There is a huge amount of admin. Such as meta data, mastering, pressing (if releasing physical), PPL, artwork, writing press releases, web design to name a few.

Marketing – Like admin there is a great deal to learn. Simply releasing your music and hoping for the best will lead to inevitable disappointment and the dreaded <1000 plays. A decent label will have the expertise, experience and knowledge to maximise the potential success of your music and finally…

Strategy – In our experience this is perhaps the most ignored aspect of all self-releasing campaigns and oftentimes the principle cause for disappointing results. Too many artists naively believe – I’ve written this great track, it’s a total jam, everyone is going to love it! – which may be true, release it, tumble weed and then blame Spotify, algorithms and Ed Sheeran. Strategy is so important that one of the greatest acts of all time had one – Daft Punk demonstrated their calculated approach in their ‘Unchained’ documentary.

Discover and get discovered with Blah Blah Blah.

So Blah Blah Blah Records. To put it simply we support grass roots electronic music, our contracts are a 50/50 split of profit after costs and we of course lighten the load in terms of admin, marketing and strategy. We don’t sign everything we receive and we look to work with artists who want to work with us collaboratively.

How to submit music to BBB Records

1. Select your finest finished track

2. No remixes or mashups please

3. Compose a short paragraph about your music

4. Email us at BBB

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