As lovers of electronic music be it as a listener, DJ, producer, agent or manager we all know the frustration and time wasted trying to cut through the noise. Hours spent skipping tracks that should never have been released. Submitting to playlisters that never reply. Contacting YouTube channels or blogs – who also rarely reply and spending vast sums of money on marketing resulting in minimal new followers and plays. As a listener we eventually just opt for the generic playlist of least resistance and for those of us releasing new music our initial optimism dries up, possible becomes impossible and that Ted talk we watched starts to feel like a shakedown for YouTube plays – what’s the point if no one is listening!

Discover and get discovered with Blah Blah Blah.

3 million streams worldwide – BBB Records

Discovered and blogged over 1000 tracks

6,000 playlist followers

DJ support for Bicep, Disclosure, Ben UFO, Caribou among many others

Media Partnerships – Red Bull Music & Exit

10 years+ industry experience Events & Marketing Manager

Blah Blah Blah – DJs, Producers, Bloggers, Promoters 10+ yrs