Minimal growler: Trikk – Bela via Dixon & Ame’s Innervisions


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Trikk – Bela is a weighty stripped back dance record that, despite its minimalism, carries plenty of force. The old adage ‘less is more’ is very much the case here.

Trikk - Bela taken from Mundo Ritual EP [ Minimal ]

Trikk is back on Dixon and Ame’s Innervisions with an 8 track double 12″ ‘Mundo Ritual EP’, with Bela the standout moment for us. Like his 2016 Proto Rhyth (Black Version) Bela is one of those sneaky peak time dancefloor predators. Patiently stalking you with its covert minimalism before suddenly pouncing on you with growling intent. No carrion here, just a prime succulent cut.

Rating Bela 3.8/5

Trikk – Bela

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