Percussive Sunsetting House: LNS & DJ Sotofett – Jugando Con Fuego


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Did you love DJ Sotofett’s epic slow burning ‘Current 82’? Then his 11 minute LNS & DJ Sotofett – Jugando Con Fuego collaboration is the perfect companion piece.

LNS & DJ Sotofett - Jugando Con Fuego [ House Music ]

DJ Sotofett propelled himself into our affections with his gloriously sprawling slow burner ‘Current 82’. A record that harked back to the glory days of mid-90s prog house, with its moody pads, languid drums and considered main hook. No hype, no fanfare just gorgeous Boards of Canada type depth and poise.

Jugando Con Fuego clocks in at just under 12 minutes and like a considered lover is in no hurry to hit climax. That said the tribal percussion and main hook carry things forward with a much greater sense of urgency than its predecessor ‘Current 82’. Sort of record you could imagine a beach bar DJ dropping as the warmth of the midday sun begins to wax on its sun drenched inhabitants.

Rating 3.9/5

LNS & DJ Sotofett – Jugando Con Fuego [ House Music ]

Out Now via [Juno] and [Phonica]

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