Need a DJ intro? ‘Daphni – Poly’


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Depending on the type of DJ you are will dictate as to whether an intro track is really relevant or not. In some instances it’s nice to announce your arrival, other times the situation requires you to maintain what the proceeding DJ has built. Daphni – Poly is very much in that – ‘hey take notice, I’m about start playing’.

Daphni - Poly

As I am sure you’re all aware, Daphni is Caribou as much as Caribou is Dan Snaith. Some years back Mr Snaith announced his designs on club culture with his debut Daphni record ‘Jialong‘. A record that on reflection feels like a more complete album than this years follow up ‘Joli Mai’. That said, in truth, there were only 3 tracks from ‘Jialong’ that we tended to play out – ‘Yes I Know’, ‘Cos Ber Zam Ne Noya’ and ‘Ye Ye’. I’m sure we weren’t the only ones. Where as in this instance it feels like ‘Joli Mai’ has a stronger selection of club ready cuts, even if they are a little less cohesive in the traditional sense of an album. For example we could see ourselves spinning: ‘Poly’, ‘Carry On’, ‘Tin’, ‘The Truth’ and ‘Lifes What You Make Of It’. Furthermore we can see other selectors going for ‘Face to Face’, ‘Vikram’ and ‘Hey Drum’.

So if you’re looking for a strong selection of club ready cuts we can’t recommend this LP highly enough. It may not be a traditional album, but these days we live in a world of musical cherry picking, so is a cohesive album really worth the effort?

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