BBB Playlist ‘Old but Gold’: People Under The Staires – Acid Raindrops


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Everyone loves Hip-Hop, well almost everyone; we’re thinking that Donald Trump probably isn’t much of a fan, especially since Eminem’s recent tribute. But lets not dwell on that megalomaniac longer than is necessary and instead enjoy Hip-Hop at it’s rhythmical best: People Under The Staires – Acid Raindrops.

People Under The Staires - Acid Raindrops [ Hip-Hop ]

‘Acid Raindrops’ came to our attention whilst preparing for a recent DJ gig, and like all new DJ discoveries we literally couldn’t wait to spin this one live. This record is slick, sharp and smooth. A record that sounds equally good on the headphones as it does blaring from an overly cranked PA System.

If you like Hip-Hop a little more misogynistic or nihilistic than this probably isn’t for you, that said we all need to take it down from time to time.

Rating 4.3/5

People Under The Staires – Acid Raindrops

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