In the 9 years since Blah Blah Blah’s first party in June 2007 the BBB crew have continually pushed the boundaries of electronic music through both their blog and UK based parties. Blah Blah Blah’s success has to be put down to their broad passion for music and relentless hard work and its no surprise that this hard work and commitment to new music has led them to launching Blah Blah Blah Records.

Blah Blah Blah Records

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The story so far…..we are very grateful to the following for their support of Blah Blah Blah Records and the artists whose music we have released (in no particular order): Loco Dice, Tensnake, Rudimental, Mak & Pasteman, B Traits, Crazy P, Komon, Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Midland, Four Tet, Addison Groove, Skream, Oneman, Stephen Worthy (RA), Tale Of Us, South London Ordnance, Dusky, Laurent Garnier, Catz N Dogz, Disclosure, James Zabiela, Sasha, Justin Jay, James Welsh, KRL, Doorly, Last Magpie, Sly-One, Huxley, Hot Since 82, James Teej, Ben Pearce, Zinc, Thefft, Shadow Child, Eliphino, Mia Dora, Breach, Waifs & Strays, Deetron, Mista Jam, Kry Wolf, Alan Fitzpatrick, Audiojack, Mary Ann Hobbs, Trevino, J Phlip…we would also like to say a big thanks to all the other radio stations, online publications and DJs who we’ve not been able to mention, like all good acceptance speech’s we cant ramble on forever through tear stained eyes!!

BBB 15th Release: Cropper - Sunlight + Hackman Remix

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DJ Feedback

Steve Lawler -"(5/5)" Richy Ahmed -"wkd (4/5)" Jody Wisternoff -"Really fucking good !!! Love the contrasting musical vibes in Sunlight , and the Hackman remix is wicked too (4/5)" Nick Warren -"Another Stunning Cropper release (5/5)" Hannah Wants -"Love Cropper (4/5)" Huxley -"Shade is ace (4/5)"

Cropper has returned to Blah Blah Blah Records to follow up his world wide smash ‘Forever’. Since marking BBB’s tenth release in 2013 ‘Forever’ has been snapped up by Universal, racked up half a million plays worldwide and played on Radio 1 by Pete Tong. To some such success may seem common place, or not that remarkable, however for artist and label these were very proud moments, not to mention moral boosting confirmations in their personal belief in the music they were presenting. A belief that has brought them back together for one more record.

‘Sunlight FT. A.Z’ is a hauntingly beautiful record with live double bass, searching strings, Jazz like keys and a whispy yet penetrating vocal all conspiring to dazzle the senses with its thought provoking beauty. Not your typical club record, but we’re hoping that shouldn't matter. Following Sunlight is ‘Shade’ and like the title suggests there is a commonality as much as there is a stark difference between the two. An African spoken word sample sets the tone, as crisp weighty drums groove another 3am curveball straight into your record box. To be heard, not pontificated about with flowery words. Rounding out the package is a remix from the rather enigmatic and elusive Hackman. Hackman takes things down a slightly more linear route as he chops and reorganises the main elements to compliment his own engaging melodic interpretation of the source material.

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Fortunate War - Because Because / Fuchsia

OUT NOW Digital

Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy Beatport Buy iTunes Lead track ‘Because Because’ is a peak time monster that literally thumps you square in the chest with its emphatic kick drum and rolling bass. Soaring synths bubble up to lighten the tone, but before you can gorge yourself on their sweetness, they burst and shatter with pulsating force. ‘Fuchsia’ takes a more 90’s progressive house angle, much like the legendary Northern Exposure mix series, its more understated approach should not be mistaken for weakness. All good things come to those who wait; Fuchsia embodies and rewards this sentiment. Closing out the EP is ‘Albany’, an ember flickering, sun setting closer that smothers you in a satisfying patchwork of interlaced textures.

Tensnake -"nice one, fuchsia is great thanks (4/5)"Joris Voorn -"Love the 90's tocuh of those tracks! (4/5)"Carl Craig -"Nice vibes on this one! (4/5)"Laurent Garnier -"Very cool summer track indeed (4/5)"Mike Pickering - (Hacienda/A&R Columbia) -"nice (4/5)"

Shaolin Colour Cult - Shadow Moses / Beirut (BBB013) OUT NOW

OUT NOW Digital

Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy Beatport Buy itunes Blah Blah Blah has always been about discovering new electronically diverse music and in its 8th year this unbridled passion would not appear to be on the wane. Last time out they gave us sharp acidic deep house in the form of ‘Fortunate War’ this time up we are getting Mount Kimbie, Jon Hopkins inspired electronica from debutant ‘Shaolin Colour Cult’.

Originating from South London Shaolin Colour Cult has taken his urban origins and fused them with his new more peaceful south coast surroundings to create soundscapes that whilst devoid of lyrical clues have a deep sense of soul and story. Evocative layers of washed out ambience combine with tight melodic hooks and sharp beats to create a visceral yet sensitive sound. It may not have the manic energy of the most recent trap record, but dont let that deceive you, it is still every bit as potent.

Fortunate War - Lemon / Reel Me In (BBB012) OUT NOW


Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy Beatport Buy itunes BBB debutants have been blessed with some great support over the years with Laurent Garnier, Mary Anne Hobbs, Breach, Tale of Us, Pete Tong, Four Tet, Midland, Huxley, Richy Ahmed, Loco Dice, Shadow Child, Oneman among others supporting their music since 2011, and initial reactions to ‘Fortunate War’ suggest BBB may have another strong debut on their hands...

Originating from Brighton UK, Fortunate War have absorbed much of the cities musical heritage. In particular it would seem that John Digweeds former Bedrock residency on Brighton’s seafront, and the cities more recent love affair with Bass and House, are key sources of inspiration, with the EP appearing to have delved deep into the dark progressive recess’s of 90’s house whilst embracing the prevailing disposition for bass. Subtle acidic arpeggiations combine with energetically sharp yet scratchy percussion, whilst weighty kicks and sub laden bass lines underpin an elegant yet purposeful wall of sound that nod to the past whilst pointing the way forward

Arka - Severan / The Way (BBB011)


Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy Beatport Buy itunes Last time out Blah Blah Blah were celebrating their 10th release with the one sided 12” Cropper - Forever. With plays from Pete Tong and 52,000 plays for the video BBB are ready to unleash their next ten records, starting with another grass roots debut ‘Arka’.

This one is particularly special as Arka originates from the same home town as BBB’s label boss; the overcast, former industrial power and tea drinking centre of England, Leicester. Despite its size and history Leicester is not considered one of the most glamorous UK cities, and its this underground, angular quality that informs Arka's powerful debut ‘Severan’.

Like an abandoned factory floor remembering its former glory, ‘Severan’ reverberates through the decaying walls bringing a forgotten zeal to the once proud heavy machinery and cracked walls. Clanking percussion fused with cavernous beats creates a fierce yet shadowy texture that radiates industrial might. ‘The Way’ picks up where Severan leaves off, only with a slightly more rounded flourish. The edges are still present but they are softened by a bouncing bassline, bright key stabs, evasive pads and an insistent vocal hook.

Fierce yet alluring, another fine debut on BBB.

My Nu Leng -"The Way Is Big" Tensnake -"Great bass stuff, full support" (4/5) Dubfire -"Downloaded...." (5/5) Addison Groove -"XXX" (4/5) Shadow Child -"The Way is wicked" (4/5) Tiga -"Severan" (4/5) Hannah Wants - "pretty dark, feeling it! will try get a play on extra thanks" Sei A - "Really liking this" (4/5) Arkist - "Absolutely great" (4/5) Randomer - "Severan is great" Dusky - "Severan is cool thanks" Drums of Death - "The Way is dope!" (4/5) Sasha - "please send wavs" (4/5)

Cropper - Forever (BBB 10th Release) Out Dec 2nd

OUT NOW (Dec 2nd) Ltd Vinyl + Digital

Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy Beatport Buy Juno Download Buy itunes Blah Blah Blah are proudly putting the together the final touches to their 10th release celebrations, and to help bring the party, bubbling up London producer ‘Cropper’ has given BBB the honour of releasing his most treasured possession ‘Forever’. Forever has already gathered a preview courtesy of Pitchfork, thus cementing the support he received from Huxley, Tensnake, James Zabiela, Thefft, and Ben Westbeech among others for his previous record ‘Deeper/Drift’.

In Renato Pagnani’s (Pitchfork) own words: “Forever, is a hybrid of disparate-but- complimentary moods. Dark, crawling bass spreads out across the house track like stretched molasses, evoking the kind of late-night dread that comes with finding yourself alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood long after last call, but there's a warmth to this low-end rumble that prevents "Forever" from holding you at arm's length as it twists and turns. This bittersweet ache is given yet another dimension thanks to the vocals looped throughout the track, which are simultaneously defiant and vulnerable.........”

Maya Jane Coles -"Nice Deepness (4/5)" Breach -"Dope (4/5)" Eton Messy -"Love the track (4/5)" Rinse FM -"BIG TUNE at 9" Maxxi Soundsystem -"Sweet. ps happy 10th" Richy Ahmed -"wkd (4/5)" Tensnake -"great bass cut, thank you downloading (4/5)" Laurent Garnier -"Great track --- loooove it (4/5)" Shadow Child -"nice stuff ! (4/5)" Steve Nickolls (Futureboogie) -"TUNE (4/5)" Sam Bailey (Radio 1) -"Sick (5/5)"

Bowski - Juno's Jupiter / Bacchus (BBB009) - OUT NOW

OUT NOW (Oct 28th)

Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy Beatport Buy Juno Download Buy itunes

Our 9th release is mastered and ready to go, and we are very proud to announce the return of Bristol’s very own dude, Bowski. Previously an established ‘One To Watch’, Bowski rapidly rose to recognition with his ‘Leggings / Talkbox’ & ‘Poppies’ singles, with the likes of Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Eats Everything, and Will Saul all spinning his tunes, not to mention heavy rotation for his XY-ME and Cassius remixes. Since then Bowski’s existence was beginning to become the stuff of myth and legend, that is until ‘Juno’s Jupiter & Bacchus’ crashed into our inbox. Bowski is firmly back, and while his sound may have become more refined and mature he has not lost any of his former zeal.

Loco Dice -"nice, wav please (4/5) " Tensnake -"nice atmospehere on Bacchus and great bassline on Juno's Jupiter (4/5) " Rudimental -"Great house vibe, digging this." Mak & Pasteman -"nice (4/5)." B Traits -"yep will be considering for the show (4/5)" Crazy P -"quality tackle, nice one (4/5)" Komon (Aus) -"support" Christophe (Futureboogie) -"Loving this (4/5)" Justin Jay -"Bacchus is Dopeee! (4/5)" James Welsh -"Having this, cheers (5/5)" Sly-One -"Groovin" Mia Dora -"Bowski - Bacchus is the pick for me, love the synth and hats (4/5)" Sasha -"“Cool stuff thanks! Can you please send WAV's (4/5)"

Cropper - Drift feat. Schumen / Deeper (BBB008) - OUT NOW (Ltd 12" & Digital)

OUT NOW - Ltd Vinyl (includes free MP3) available via the BBB Store: Blah Blah Blah Record Store

Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy iTunes Buy Juno / Juno Download Buy Boomkat Opening Track ‘Drift’ is celestially primeval in origin, with distantly resonating sounds steadily being drawn together from the dark recesses of the consciousness. As these layers gently collide with ever increasing energy you can sense the evolutionary anticipation building, before an unsuspecting and transfixing final act shatters all initial pretense. Deeper on the other hand has no pretense, heavy beats, incisive percussion instantly set about laying your ears to waste with growling efficiency and an unshakeable sub laden groove. Where Drift draws your gaze towards the heavens, Deeper drags you back down to a darker more subterranean world.

With support for Blah Blah Blah Records coming from the likes of Resident Advisor, Breach, Four Tet, Claude VonStroke, Deetron, Midland, South London Ordnance, Beatport, Laurent Garnier, B. Traits among others, and with Cropper recently confirming shows supporting Zed Bias, George Fitzgerald, and Jackmaster we are confident in saying that Cropper’s debut record on BBB also deserves your undivided attention. One to watch.

Huxley -"Deeeeper badass" Tensnake - "nice atmospehere on Bacchus and great bassline on Juno's Jupiter (4/5) " Tensnake - "Loving Blah Blah since that Lorca remix for How The Fly.... deeper is the one for me here" (4/5) Hot Since 82 - "Drift - Nice" (5/5) James Teej - "great record, nice work once again" (5/5) Ben Pearce -"Love the synth in Drift and Deeper is a straight classic. Blah Blah Blah impressing again :)" (5/5) Zinc -"I like both" (5/5) Mak & Pasteman - "Trippy Vibe" (4/5) Thefft -"Excellent tunes" (4/5) Shadow Child -"deeper is cool - need to hear loud" (4/5) Ben Westbeech aka Breach -"This is brilliant quality release i will be supporting heavily b" (5/5)

Let The Machines Do The Work - One Love / Brighter Day (BBB007) - OUT NOW (Ltd 12" & Digital)

OUT NOW - Ltd Vinyl (includes free MP3) available via the BBB Store: Blah Blah Blah Record Store

Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy iTunes Buy Juno / Juno Download Buy Boomkat One Love / Brighter Day is their debut release on the grass roots inspired Blah Blah Blah Records and it delivers a heavy and welcoming thump to the chest, forget thin digital beats, this is big phat dancefloor house, dynamic, luxurious and seductively wanton.

Opening Track ‘One Love’ doesnt mess about, with lead vocalist Lewis declaring ‘We Got This One Love’ whilst a heavy house beat drives us towards a refreshingly retro main hook, but rather than descend into formulaic house fodder, One Love draws back from the light and delves into more shadowy territory as sparing beats and percussion lay siege on proceedings. Brighter Day, as its title suggests, has a much more optimistic disposition, no darkness here, just thudding kicks, snappy claps, and an infectiously warm bassline that will see it getting heavy beach rotation.

With support already coming from Data Transmission in their recent ‘New Talent’ post, LTMDTW look set to burst onto the scene with considerable momentum.

Eliphino - "One Love is one for me. Looking forward to hearing in a club" (4/5) Dubfire - " cool tracks , thank you!" (5/5) Shadow Child -"nice EP - One Love is great" (4/5) B Traits (Radio 1) - "Great" (4/5) Waifs & Strays -"will give these a go thanks" (4/5) Deetron - "Really cool tunes, lovely basslines!" (4/5) Mista Jam (Radio 1) -"Fresh sounding, evokes mental images of sunsets, cocktails and raving. Bring on Ibiza 2013!" (4/5) Alan Fitzpatrick -"This track is the bomb" (4/5) Joe Roberts (DJ Mag / Timeout) - "Big tings a gwan (I like this a lot)." (5/5)

Blacksmif - How The Fly Saved The River / Kang's Odyssey (BBB006) - OUT NOW (Ltd 12" & Digital)

OUT NOW - Ltd Vinyl (includes free MP3) available via the BBB Store: Blah Blah Blah Record Store

Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy iTunes Buy Juno / Juno Download Buy Boomkat Blacksmif aka Londonʼs kaleidoscopic Yemi Olagbaiye stepped from the shadows in 2012 with his enthralling original 12” ʻHoop Dreams / Microweightʼ, gathering heavyweight support along the way from, Laurent Garnier, Ben Westbeech aka Breach, South London Ordnance, Mary Anne Hobbs and Audiojack to name a few. Not to mention an increasingly busy calendar, which notably included performances at Glade, and Dimensions.

Returning for his second release on the grass roots inspired Blah Blah Blah Records, Blacksmif delivers his biggest release to date with two tracks of simmering beauty and dance floor elegance. Lorca completes the package with his characteristically smooth, and essential, dynamism.

Opening Track ʻ How The Fly Saved The Riverʼ shuffles into existence with a determined percussive energy that is punctuated by luxuriously smooth flecks of melody, all of which lure you towards the richly soulful main vocal and exhilarating breakdown. ʻKangʼs Odysseyʼ is a much more sensual affair, with its warm languid melody casually strolling towards a wistfully entwined vocal duet.

With already strong support from a number of leading peers, this record is set to further enhance Blacksmifʼs rapidly growing reputation.

Resident Advisor - "Wobbly, Bashmore style bass.....and incredibly emotive stuff" (4/5)Audiojack - " Loving the Lorca remix! Can we get a wav please?" (5/5) Ben Pearce - "Amazing Sounds" (5/5) Mary Anne Hobbs - “thank you :)” (4/5) Deetron - “Really into what Lorca are doing at the moment, great remix.” (5/5) Trevino aka Marcus Intalex - " gonna play the lorca mix sounds nice to me ". (4/5) Breach aka Ben Westbeech - " Love this, gonna play this in Trouw tomorrow. Amazing!" (4/5) J. Phlip (Dirtybird) - “This Lorca Remix is dope” (5/5) Joe Muggs (Mixmag/ Wire/ FACT) - " Top class as ever from the lad Yemi :D " (4/5)

Alfie - Uncomfortably Numb/About Midday (BBB005) - Drops 16th July (Ltd 12" & Digital)

OUT NOW - Ltd Vinyl (includes free MP3) available via the BBB Store: Blah Blah Blah Record Store

Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy iTunes Buy Beatport Buy Boomkat Blah Blah Blah are having a bit of a break through year with sets at Glade & EXIT Festival confirmed, and their labels most recent release from Blacksmif gathering support from a number of respected sources, among which Disclosure, South London Ordnance, BrEaCh, Mary Anne Hobbs, Laurent Garnier, Audiojack, XLR8R, and Beatportal can now be considered keen listeners. Their 5th release looks set to further establish the labels growing reputation with 2 tracks of deep techno inspired house from 17 yr old music enthusiast Alfie.

Born in the village of Oxted, home to a number of electronic dignitaries, Alfie has been raised on a balanced diet of Garage, Dubstep, Jungle, DNB, and Hip Hop which he has further infused with his personal love for old school Ska and Jazz. Taking key elements from each of these styles Alfies music is deftly relevant in your ear and on the floor.

Lead track Uncomfortably Numb is a high energy throbbing slice of techno laced deep house, with a reverberating bassline driving an almost industrial main hook, whilst layers of clinical percussion and pads snap and swirl throughout the mix. About Midday punches through the enveloping gloom with an inescapable rave inspired main hook which intensifies the tracks pulsating wall of manufactured sounds.

Having already played at Fabric aged 16 and with a number of shows pencilled for 2012, including his Glade debut and Eastern Electrics festival, this double a-side is set to eclipse the work of a number of his more senior peers.

Claude VonStroke - yeah man im really into the one called "About Midday" killer!!!! Justin Martin - wicked! fantastic stuff... will be playing both of these:) 5/5 Midland Yeah really good this is, big room fodder!! Four Tet - This is wicked... will be playing "Uncomfortably Numb" out for sure. Addison Groove - It went on a mix i did thats going out this week. MA1 - I played it on rinse, saturday just gone. Big ep. Little White Earbuds - Two hot, peak-time tracks from Alfie. Will be playing these Roska - powpowpow Skream - BIG UP! ALFIE! Really feeling About Midday. Oneman - wicked track !

Vinyl available for pre-order 6th July via our Surus store

Blacksmif - Hoop Dreams/Microweight (BBB004) - Drops 21st May (Ltd 12" & Digital)

OUT NOW - Ltd Vinyl (includes free MP3) available via the BBB Store: Blah Blah Blah Record Store

Available Digitally from all other online retailers: Buy iTunes Buy Beatport Buy Boomkat Blah Blah Blah turn 5 years old this May and as part of their celebrations they have saved perhaps their most exciting signing yet for a Ltd ʻWeAre5 Vinylʼ release, the prolific genre juggling Blacksmif.

Blacksmif flirts on the edge of reason, taking flamboyant percussive and melodic risks within a bass driven jazz tinged environment, such is the adventurousness of his music that he has already gathered himself quite a fan club, among which he can count Mixmag, Gilles Peterson, and Mary Anne Hobbs as leading members.

Opening track Hoop Dreams gently patters into life as a comforting wall of sound builds beneath crisp percussion and a skittish bassline, its simplicity seductively luring you into its clutches before it totally immerses you in a unfolding mix of shifting melodies, competing vocal snippets and percussion that comes at you from every angle. Microweight follows a similarly weaving journey of evolution as layers ebb and flow between triumph and thoughtful contemplation.

With his first single ʻMandyʼ coming 5th in Mixmags Big Tunes in April and with shows lined up at Glade, Dimensions and a supporting slot with Julio Bashmore, Blacksmif is set for an enthralling 2012.

South London Ordnance  - "Top drawer - really like both tracks" (4/5) Gavin Herlihy - "liking hoop dreams here. cheers" (4/5) Mary Anne Hobbs - "incredible.. will play on Saturday's Xfm show.. thank you" (4/5) Audiojack - "Amazing! End of the night stuff i think, can't wait to spin these..." (5/5) Jimpster - "Microweight is brilliant! trying it out this weekend". (4/5) Laurent Garnier - "2 great deep melodic tracks - thanks!" (4/5) Catz N Dogz - "This is great and you know it! haha thx" (5/5) DJ MA1 (Rinse FM) - "great ep. love it " (4/5) Deadboy - "This is cool" (5/5) Ben Westbeech - "YES YES YES!!!! Thanks so much. In love with Hoop dreams. Gonna open my breach set on Boiler room tomorrow. Excited. Microweight is dope too"

PanLeft - Electrika/HRTS (BBB003) - Out Now

OUT NOW - From all good Digital Retail Outlets:

Buy iTunes Buy Beatport Buy Boomkat Blah Blah Blah Records continues to impress with its intriguing and varied pursuit of new electronic music. This month they follow up their hotly pursued slice of electronica REID’s ‘Diptera’ with two powerful and emotive cuts of bass from the precocious talent PanLeft.

Lead track Electrika opens with a distantly erie and dense wall of crackling sound before building in intensity and complexity with filtered vocals, sustained pads and keys overlaying a dubstep type groove of snappy percussion and heavy sub-bass. Electrika is a powerful main room lead, whilst second track HRTS takes a much deeper melodic approach, with a dubstep type rhythm flowing beneath a mix of murky pads, warm synth lines and hauntingly echoed vocals.

Having already had plays on MistaJam’s 1Xtra show PanLeft’s debut is set to take 2012 by force with its exquisite blend of bass and drama.

REID - Diptera/Fall (BBB002) - Out Now

Buy iTunes Buy Beatport Buy Boomkat Since releasing his debut single ‘Genesis’ on BBB Records REID has been snapped up by a prominent management agency and his new single Diptera was recently used by US filmmakers Second Base Films for their documentary ‘From The Inside Out’ which also features tracks by Chase & Status, Nero and Digitalism.

With his second release the young producer expands upon the ethereal qualities of Genesis/Forrest and delivers two tracks that expertly weave washes of drama and crunching synth lines into an intoxicating mix of driving beats and percussion.

Lead track ‘Diptera’ draws you in with a hauntingly distant bell chime, swirling synths and a delicately looping piano, whilst a punchy house beat drives the building layers towards a tension shattering lead hook. Diptera is a beautifully crafted mix of contemplation and raw adrenalin where as the second track ‘Fall’ is more of an understated poignant affair, with a dubstep type rhythm flowing beneath a mix of pads, percussion and drums.

REID is once again demonstrating finesse beyond his years, making him one to watch in 2012 and beyond.

REID - Genesis/Forrest (BBB001) - Out Now

OUT NOW - From all good Digital Retail Outlets:

Buy iTunes Buy Beatport Buy Boomkat BBB001 comes from 22yr old Irish electronic artist REID. REID first released the Genesis EP via Bandcamp and Soundcloud generating 1000’s of plays with prominent blogs Slutty Fringe, Nialler 9 and WeAreBlahBlahBlah falling over themselves to sing his praises. REID’s heady mix of tempos, jagged sounds, rhythmic flourishes, cinematic spaces and gentle melodies have already seen him compared to the likes of Four Tet, and Caribou.